sos4R is a client for Sensor Observation Services (SOS). It allows users to retrieve metadata from SOS web service instances as specified by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and subsequently to interactively create requests for observation data based on the available sensors, phenomena, observations, offerings etc.


Imports:xml2, httr, sp, uuid, methods, stats, utils, graphics


Na, A., Priest, M. (Eds.), 2007. Sensor Observation Service. OpenGIS Implementation Standard, Version 1.0, OGC 06-009r6

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The development of this software was gratefully supported by the 52North Student Innovation Prize for Geoinformatics 2010.

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if (FALSE) { # Open the connection sos = SOS(url = "<the service endpoint>") # List offerings, procedures and observedProperties names(sosOfferings(sos)) sosProcedures(sos) sosObservedProperties(sos) # Create time period (last 30 days) tPeriod <- sosCreateEventTimeList( time = sosCreateTimePeriod( sos = pegelsos, begin = Sys.time() - (3600 * 24 * 30), end = Sys.time())) # Request data for all observed properties and procedures of a certain offering observation <- getObservation(sos = sos, observedProperty = sosObservedProperties(sos), offering = sosOfferings(sos)[[2]], procedure = sosProcedures(sos), eventTime = tPeriod) # Inspect result sosResult(observation) utils::str(sosResult(observation)) # Inspect attributes of the data fields if(is.list(sosResult(observation))) { attributes(sosResult(observation)[,1]) } else { attributes(sosResult(pegelObs)[,1]) } # Use custom converting function and connection method. This mechanism works the # same for encoders and decoders. myConverters <- SosDataFieldConvertingFunctions( "myNumericUnit" = sosConvertDouble) mySos <- SOS(sos.url, binding = "KVP", dataFieldConverters = myConverters) sosDataFieldConverters(mySos) # where to find the cheat sheet sosCheatSheet() # global objects caching objects during parsing of XML documents cacheVariables }