sos4R is an extension for the R environment for statistical computing and visualization. It allows to query data from standard conform SOS instances using simple R function calls and does no require any knowledge about the Sensor Web. It is easily extendible for new data models and opens the huge amount of analysis and visualization features of the R environment for the Sensor Web.

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sos4R is developed on GitHub using the fork & pull development model. The main repository’s issue tracker is used to coordinate development.

The master branch represents the current version that is published on CRAN, the dev branch is the current development version.

See file for developer documentation.

Install the development version

You can install the current development version (= the next release for CRAN) directly from GitHub with the following commands.

remotes::install_github("52North/sos4R", ref = "dev")


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This R extension package is licensed under GPL v2.0.

Documentation (e.g. vignette) is published under CC BY 4.0.