The Sensor Web Server Helgoland API provides an access layer to sensor data via RESTful Web binding with different output formats like json, pdf or png. It provides a well defined Sevice Provider Interface (SPI) which can be implemented by arbitrary backend services to make series data available via the API

The Sensor Web Server Helgoland API provides a thin access layer to sensor and observation data via RESTful Web binding. In addition, it offers several IO functionalities e.g.

  • prerendering of series data,
  • generalization,
  • overlaying of data from multiple series
  • conversion of raw data to other formats like pdf and png

Output formats for stationary, mobile, insitu and remote sensors are available, each filterable by metadata parameters. This enables clients to access the data via different approaches, e.g. to filter all series by phenomena first or by a special procedure.

Backwards Compatibility

The Web API is backwards compatible to older implementation versions. Client developers are safe to start development while API providers upgrade to newer versions of the API.

However, SPI implementors should take care of changes, though changes to the SPI interface will be kept to a minimum and communicated properly.


If you want to develop clients to consume series data refer to the Web API reference. In case of being interested in how the API works and/or want to contribute check the development section.