How Tos

To get in touch with the helgoland-toolbox, here you will find a list of how tos:

Preparing a how to app with angular-cli

Starting from the very beginning in setting up the ng-app, angular-cli needs to be installed with npm. If you already have a running project skip this step and start with one of the how-tos.

Following the instructions of the angular quickstart guide a new ng-app will be created with its folder-structure. Open a terminal and change the working directory to the supposed location, where you want to create your ng-app with an integrated D3 timeseries component. In this tutorial the new ng-app will be named helgoland-how-to.

Step Command
Install angular-cli npm install -g @angular/cli
Create ng-app ng new helgoland-how-to
Change into app-folder cd helgoland-how-to
Start app ng serve

Suggestions for error handling

  • Cannot find module '@angular-devkit/core' click here

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