tools for a sensor observation service based client

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This project contains Angular based Modules, Components, Injectables to build a sensor observation service based client.

Getting Started



Install latest Node and NPM following the instructions. Make sure you have Node version ≥ 10 and NPM ≥ 6. brew install node for Mac.


  • fork this repository.
  • clone your fork to your local environment.
  • npm install to install required dependencies.

Start test application

  • npm start will start the test application, which provide views for the main modules and components
  • the app, and their corrensponding files can be found in the src folder

See Documentation


  • different moduls are in the projects folder

use customized toolbox in an other app development

build Toolbox

  • npm run lib:build builds the complete toolbox in the dist-folder
  • after build npm run lib:pack packs every module to a file in the following structure helgoland-MODULENAME-CURRENT_VERSION.tgz in the root-folder
  • every packed module can be used by installing it in app development with it's relative path, for example npm install ../helgoland-toolbox/helgoland-MODULENAME-CURRENT_VERSION.tgz

Other commands

Run tests

  • all implemented tests for the modules can be run by npm test

Lint the complete code

  • ng lint for performing static code analysis.

Generate documentation

  • npm run compodoc for generating documentation locally
  • npm run gh-pages for generating documentation and uploading it to GitHub Pages
Bump library version

Troubleshooting while using this library

  • add allowSyntheticDefaultImports: true to your tsconfig.json to avoid error messages like ... has no default export
  • don't forget to add styles of nested dependencies

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