Paging is currently not supported for the Endpoint /geometries. All other Endpoints are supported.

The API offers basic Paging support using the Query Parameters offset and limit. Paging is automatically enabled if at least one of the parameters is present in the query. If only one parameter is provided, the missing parameters default value will be used.

Parameter Semantics

limit describes the maximum amount of Elements in one Page. Except for the last Page, all Pages will always be filled to this maximum capacity.

offset describes the Page Number, starting from zero.

It is strongly advised to only specify the limit Parameter in the client, and get the offset from the Response Headers returned by the API (see examples below).

Parameter Values

The Parameter Values are subject to the following restrictions:

parameter MIN_VALUE MAX_VALUE default
limit 1 1000000 10000
offset 0 2147483647 0

Both limit and offset are integers and are programmatically limited to not exceed the value of 2147483647. If higher Numbers are provided the Request will fail and the API will throw an Error.

If an invalid limit (i.e. exceeding MAX_VALUE) is supplied, limit will default to the closest valid value (e.g. MIN_VALUE or MAX_VALUE). If no limit is supplied the default value will be used.

If no offset or an invalid offset is supplied, offset will default to its default value.

Response Headers

Paging Information is returned by the API in the Response Header. An Example of the returned Headers can be found below:

Example Request URL

Example Response Header [partial]:

Link : <> rel="self"
Link : <> rel="next"
Link : <> rel="previous"
Link : <> rel="first"
Link : <> rel="last"

The Presence of the Links in the Response Header varies on the specific circumstances:

  • The Link to self is always present.
  • The Links to first and last are present if a valid offset was provided.
  • The Links to next and previous are present if the pages exist and a valid offset was provided.