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Welcome to 52°North's GitHub

The open source software initiative 52°North is an open international network of partners from research, industry and public administration. Its main purpose is to foster innovation in the field of Geoinformatics through a collaborative R&D process.
The 52°North R&D communities develop new concepts and technologies e.g. for managing near real-time sensor data, integrating geoprocessing technologies into SDIs, making use of GRID- and Cloud technologies. They evaluate new macro trends, such as the Internet of Things, the Semantic Web or Linked Open Data, and find ways to unfold their use in practice.
All 52°North partners have a long and outstanding record in the Geo-IT domain and actively contribute to the development of international standards, e.g. at W3C, ISO, OGC or INSPIRE.
All software developed within this collaborative development process is published under an open source license. 52°North is a trusted and well established entity in the Geoinformatics arena. Its software is widely used in operational IT environments, research labs and education.


Currently, we are working on a step-by-step migration of our software projects. The following projects are already maintained on GitHub:




Java-based library for accessing OGC Web Services (including SOS, SES, SPS)


Interactive Web-client for the visualization of sensor measurement time series


Integrated Landuse And Water Information System


The admins of the 52°North GitHub repositories are @ridoo, @nuest and @matthesrieke - please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.